homosexuals think they have a sense of fashion but they are tragically mistaken. 

Right because you and your Walgreens glasses scream fashionista


How do we know if the accuser of Singer is telling the truth? Why would you spread something when it could be totally false? How about you let someone prove Singer guilty with a fair trial and then if he's found guilty without any reasonable doubt, you can burn his name in defamation. Until then, have some sense and think things through logically before doing them. You could be helping ruin someone's life right now if Singer is innocent.

you know what ruins someone’s life? being taken advantage of and raped multiples times by multiple men.

all these rumors about singer have been going around for yearrrrrsssss. he’s into realllllyyyyy young boys. where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

a news story about children being taken advantage of in hollywood aka pedoville needs to be heard instead of buried by rich white men with power.

why would you be so quick to defend an accused rapist who’s had history of using his power to sleep with his young stars and new actors.

you could be idk making victims of rape and sexual assault scared to come forward because people like you are so quick to defend rapists.

Michael Egan, who just sued “X-Men” director Bryan Singer for allegedly sexually assaulting him when he was a minor, says he complained to the LAPD that he was repeatedly sodomized at Hollywood parties by various moguls … but no action was taken

Egan says he and other minors were passed around like pieces of meat at sex parties, and he claims Singer was not alone.

Egan says the men at the party would pour liquor down his throat and then sexually assault him.  In one case he says Collins-Rector put a gun in his mouth and threatened him.  

Egan says other minors were also abused, and Herman vows to filed 3 or 4 more lawsuits against the alleged perps by next Thursday.

Egan went on to say there was a “no swimsuit” rule in the pool, and he was raped numerous times by numerous individuals.